The Seattle Pinball Museum was born from Cindy and Charlie Martin’s desire to share their private pinball collection with other local collectors and pinball fans. The museum started as a pop-up in an empty storefront in the International District in 2010, and after a great response from the community, became a neighborhood fixture. Although there are several other pinball venues in Seattle, the Pinball Museum stands out among the competition with the largest collection of games, including vintage and contemporary, and their unlimited play model. The museum's unique offering draws a crowd, but they lack a cohesive visual brand that could increase awareness
Project Category: Branding

Timeframe:12 weeks
Research: Group Project
Brand Concept & Design: Solo project

Roles: Branding, Visual Design

Tools: Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma, Procreate
Rebrand the Seattle Pinball Museum to highlight its playful and nostalgic character and bring consistency across multiple media streams.
Research & Demographics
• Pinball players are primarily male, and either 13-18 or 30-50 yrs old.
• Globally the arcade gaming market is predicted to decline over the next five years because the cost of repairs to the machines outweighs the revenue from playing. The Seattle Pinball Museum circumvents this issue with their one-time $20 entrance fee and unlimited play model, which is a much higher price per game.
• While there are many casual pinball players, there are several pinball leagues in Seattle that play weekly and compete in tournaments. Currently, the pinball leagues do not play at the Seattle Pinball Museum. 
Experience Seekers: 
Whether they are visiting from another city, or just out for a date night, this portion of our audience is looking for a new and unique experience. They may be new to pinball, and will likely want to take pictures of their experience. They will enjoy the unusual vintage snacks and beverages available, as well as the lively atmosphere, 
Pinball Enthusiasts: 
Pinball collectors, league players, and otherwise pinball-obsessed. They are here for the games, both vintage and fresh onto the market, and are interested in learning its history. The majority of pinball enthusiasts are between 30-50 yrs old, and male.
Families and Teens: 
Many other pinball venues are bars where young people are not welcome. The Pinball Museum is a great space for young people and families to spend an evening together. 

Developing Brand Characteristics:
Logo Development:
Before Rebranding:
Rebranded Logo:
Style Guide
Final Insights
Initially, I considered "Analog Chaos" as a brand concept for the Seattle Pinball Museum's redesign. Something felt off about the design solutions from this concept. I reminded myself of their unique position in the market as a family-friendly venue offering vintage games and historical education and realized that this concept didn’t highlight these aspects. I shifted towards the concept of "Analog Delight," and quickly found design solutions that better matched their brand values. 

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