Foraging has exploded in popularity during the pandemic, from chefs at high-end restaurants searching for new, exciting ingredients, to young people looking for a closer connection to the earth. The magazine will serve as a guide and community hub for these new foragers. Forgotten Fruits is published quarterly, highlighting seasonally available plants through articles on the history of the plant, recipes, interviews with chefs and foraging experts, maps, and harvesting calendars.
Project Category: Layout, Branding
Time Frame: 12 Weeks
Collaborators: Solo Project
Roles: Branding, Layout, Article & Imagery Curation
Tools: Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop
How might we provide a resource for the history and uses of plants growing in the US for those interested in foraging?
Research & Demographics
Foragers have an income bracket of $25,000 - $75,000. The wide income spread points to a range of reasons for foraging, from sustenance to recreation.
A wide range of foraging habits rooted in ethnic and cultural identity has been documented in Seattle, including Japanese Americans gathering plums; Coast Salish foraging for nettles and native berries; and European Americans hunting for mushrooms.
The highest foraging activity in the US is found in Oregon and Colorado.

There are almost twice as many 45-64 yr olds on the Falling Fruits app, but 25-44 yr olds used the app twice as often. This data points to the important role of elders passing along foraging traditions and knowledge to a new generation.
Final Design
Final Insights
Vintage 1970s science catalogs inspired my original mood board, but I realized this did not fit the magazine’s target audience. I discovered the design needed to feel organic, but still structured so it is accessible and easy to read. The design needed space to breathe, floral organic elements, and straightforward, friendly typography.

Next Steps:
This edition focused on noxious and invasive weeds and highlighted plants to forage in the winter months. The next edition would focus on what’s available in spring, particularly edible flowers.

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